Day 4: Hatch to Duck Creek Village

Never underestimate the mileage.


END Duck Creek Village, UT


07:00 AMwakeup, pack up, breakfast
09:00 AMstart riding
12:30 PMarrive in Duck Creek Village


We had a simple breakfast at Riverside Ranch’s lobby. Lunch and dinner were both at Duck Creek Village.

We booked a room at Pinewoods Resort because I wanted it. The temperature that night was supposed to drop well below freezing and I wanted to stay in a nice warm room with a bed before heading to Zion.

Ride Log

The wind blew the whole night and shook the whole tent. It even rained for a couple hours but luckily by the time we woke up, most of the tent was dry.
We said goodbye to Mike in the morning and thanked him again for his hospitality.
The winds did not stop blowing so we had a strong headwind on the way out that would last the entire ride.

Most of the ride today was on dirt roads. Did I mention how much I love the peace and quiet? But we do travel at a snail’s pace so it takes some getting used to.

Utah is much greener with more water than I expected

Had a quick snack off the side of the road again. I bought a frozen bean burrito 2 days ago that I figured I should eat since it was basically a mush at this point.

On one of our previous tours, Robert discovered the genius idea of buying frozen burritos, carrying them through the day and eating them for lunch when they warmed up.

However, it was a much better idea when our days were hotter so the burrito could act as an ice pack in the back of our jersey pocket and then they’d be properly warmed up by lunch time. It didn’t work as well for this trip but it was worth a shot.

The ride today was deceptively challenging. Though it was low mileage, there was still enough climbing that made it challenging. I was still exhausted from yesterday so 22miles was plenty and I was looking forward to staying in a room for the night.

We arrived at Pinewoods Resort and had a proper lunch at the restaurant…pizza, salad, and soup with plenty of leftovers! Gotta hand them credit for the large portion sizes.

We did laundry (used Dr. Bronner’s in lieu of detergent), fixed our flatted tubes (again), took a nap, watched some TV, walked into town to have dinner at Aunt Sue’s, and talked about moving to a small mountain town and opening an Asian restaurant (I miss asian food).

Tomorrow is a big day into Zion!

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