Day 6: Rest day in Zion

A day in the Kingdom of Heaven.


We rode down the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive (12mi total) and did a hike in the park.


09:00 AMwakeup, move tent
10:00 AMget breakfast, go into Springdale
12:00 PMride Zion Canyon Scenic Drive
02:00 PMstart hike to Angel’s Landing
06:00 PMfinish hike and have dinner


We had a hearty breakfast at Cafe Soleil, snacks for lunch, and dinner at the Zion Brew Pub. We originally wanted to get dinner at the Red Rock Grill which is attached to the lodge in the park, but we didn’t make reservations and they were totally booked. It worked out well for us though as the Brew Pub was awesome.

We camped again at the South Campground but had to move our tent because we had to book two different sites for each night. Check-out is at 11am but luckily the people in the site left earlier so we could move our stuff in without waiting for them to leave. However, the camphost/ranger was not around in the morning so we had to come back after breakfast to check-in again.

The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive was closed to private vehicle traffic during the season but allows bikes! From the Canyon Junction to the Temple of Sinawava is about 6.2miles. The shuttle buses are NOT allowed to pass bikes while they are moving, so we had to pull over, stop, and let the buses pass each time.

For those who are planning on visiting, the Zion Canyon Village is a 5min walk from the Visitor Center and has a lodge, brewpub, outdoor sports rental company, gift shop, and market. The village sits on private property right outside the park boundaries. The shuttles in Zion (operates during busy season) also make getting around extremely easy if you want to take a day off the bike. There are two shuttle routes, one that takes you into the park and one that takes you into the town of Springdale. Check the latest Park Tear Sheet for the map and schedule.

Ride Log

One of the first orders of business today was to figure out a way to fix Robert’s bike seat. A bolt had rattled loose yesterday and so we went to Springdale to find something to fix it. We stopped by the Zion Adventure Company to see if there was a mechanic. Luckily, there was one and she agreed to help us even though she wasn’t technically on duty. She and Robert jury-rigged something that worked with some spare parts even though I don’t really understand what happened. Hey I’m not a mechanic. But we were super thankful for the help and kindness so special shout out to them!

We then rode down the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive and enjoyed every second of it. We took our time and took lots of pictures. During the busy season, only shuttle buses, guests of the lodge, bicycles, and pedestrians are allowed on the road. So most of the time we had it to ourselves which really made the experience extra special.

From the Visitor Center we took took the Pa’rus Trail to the Canyon Junction. Then from there we rode to the end of the road which is the Temple of Sinawava (trailhead for the Narrows).

We originally thought we would do a short hike up the West Rim trail but once we got past the first 2 miles, we just decided to go for the full Angel’s Landing since we were there anyway.

If the pictures of Angel’s Landing make you squeamish, doing it in real life is not any better. Though it is arguable that the most dangerous part is doing the hike with crowds of other people on it. It was my second time and even though the views are truly breathtaking, I don’t see myself doing it again. It’s definitely worth doing at least once, but safety should always be the top priority.

The Virgin River doing it’s thing

Since neither of us planned to do any real hiking, we didn’t have daypacks so we looked a little odd carrying our water. I wrapped my handlebar bag around my arms and stuffed my camelbak bottle in it. At one point a woman thought I was crazy and carrying a baby. It worked though. 

On our way to dinner Robert almost got nailed by a mule deer. We must have spooked it and it sprinted out of the bushes across the bike path. It had some large antlers too so I’m pretty sure Robert would have lost that battle. There are so many deer in this park so that was a good reminder to be more cautious.

We had dinner at the Brew Pub in the Zion Canyon Village which had a fantastic Mediterranean salad and the largest brownie a la mode I’ve ever had. Not surprisingly I ate way too much and am now stuffed. Good night.

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